Leisuregrow 500 Classic BBQ – 3 Burner Roaster

Leisuregrow 500 Classic BBQ - 3 Burner Roaster

Leisuregrow 500 Classic BBQ – 3 Burner Roaster

The Leisuregrow 500 Classic BBQ – 3 Burner Roaster has many great features including:

  • Jet flame ignition, a reliable system for failsafe ignition
  • Independent Direct Ignition – which means each burner is independent and will light itself, so you can cook on whichever one you choose
  • A cool touch handle for safety in use
  • Enamelled surfaces, which make cleaning so much easier, and they also make the surfaces more durable.
  • Porcelain enamelled roasting hood
  • Stainless steel flame tamer
  • High powered pressed steel burners
  • Enamelled pressed steel grill
  • The trolley is made from hardwood
  • It has a stainless steel fascia – meaning that it won’t rust and it’s easier to clean
  • Thermometer
  • There is a large warming rack enabling larger numbers of people to receive their foot hot at the same time.
  • The drip tray slides in an out for easy cleaning.
  • It has 8″ / 20cm wheels for manoevrability.
It is solidly built and performs well.


145.5 cm wide x 60 cm deep x 128.5cm high
Cooking Area: 64cm x 49cm
This barbecue has a 25 year limited warranty.

This barbecue has a generous cooking area and benefits from “Superior Taste Technology” that means that juices from food are caught and vaporized to enrich the barbecue flavour of the foot. It’s just the job for al fresco dining with friends and family.

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