Loreto 2 Seater Swing

Loreto 2 Seater Swing

Loreto 2 Seater Swing Seat

This Loreto 2 Seater Swing by Greenfingers is constructed from Shorea balau wood, a prized wood that is similar to teak in nature, and very strong. Shorea balau is a class A hardwood, meaning that it is resistant to wear and an ideal material for garden furniture.

For those of you who are concerned about the preservation of the forests, the wood used for this swing seat is certified by the MTCC (Malaysian Timber Certification Council), who manage sustainable forestry in Malaysia.

The swing seat also has a green canopy, which offers shade on sunny days and a little protection from rain, should a shower suddenly manifest itself.

After a hard day at work, how nice it is to come outside and have a gentle swing on this lovely piece of garden furniture. It would make a great addition to any garden, patio or decked area. Reviewers have said that it provides great value for money.

Dimensions: 169.5 cm x 123 cm x 164.5 cm (height)
Seat length: 106.8 cm
Maximum weight capacity: 150 kg

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