Outdoor Chef City Gas Kettle BBQ

Outdoor Chef City Gas Kettle BBQ

Outdoor Chef City Gas Kettle BBQ

The Outdoor Chef City Gas Kettle BBQ is a simple to use barbecue for an easy cooking experience, which nevertheless provides a full range of features for cooking including  grilling, searing, steaming, baking and roasting.

The barbecue is both small and portable, benefiting from the latest in outdoor cooking technology. It cooks quickly, efficiently and is great for camping and holidays, if space is at a premium or you only need to cook for two people.

The barbecue is black and has a cooking surface with a diameter of 39.5 cm and a 4.3 kW burner. It is 41cm tall and takes up a maximum space of 44vm x 50cm.

Features include a gas ring burner, piezo ignition, parts and grill which are enamelled with porcelain for easy of cleaning and protection from rust, a hood which has a built in thermometer and stylish orange handle, together with an integrated drip pan and funnel.

The stand is included.

Fabulous for al fresco dining, this BBQ will allow you to easily and quickly cook healthy and tasty food in an instant, which is easy to prepare and fuss free. It makes entertaining easy and now there’s no excuse not to have summer barbecue parties with friends and family.

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